15 Tips for Busy Moms

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15 Tips for Busy Moms

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Set Goals

The goal you set doesn’t have to be a big goal. It simply could be fold and put away all laundry before bed.

By having a goal set in place, behavior is triggered and therefore focus is on achieving that goal that has been set in place.

In addition, having a goal creates motivation to achieve that goal.

Develop a Morning Routine

Morning Routine

One of the biggest changes for me was when I created a morning routine for myself. When I woke up intentionally and not reactively because my kids were suddenly awake. There are several reasons for developing a good and simple morning routine.

It builds momentum. By waking up earlier with an established morning routine, you’ve already established momentum for that day by finishing that routine. A body in motion stays in motion, while a body at rest, stays at rest.

Get more things done. Now you’ve woken up, had coffee, ate breakfast, taken a shower, put actual clothes on, maybe even squeezed in a work out and it’s not even 8 am yet. As a result, a pace has been set for the day which will continue through the day. Allowing for more things to be done.

Make a List the Night Before

One of the last tasks I do before I’ve called it quits for the night is to open my notebook and write down a list of everything that needs to be done the next day.

I have two lists that I make. One for blogging and one for everything else.

My blogging list contains everything that I need to get done the following day.  I have what is called standard work, which is what I consider my work that absolutely has to be done every single day.

My personal list contains things such as do the dishes, doctors appointments. Anything going on in my life that is not related to blogging.

Develop a Daily Routine

This goes in addition to having a morning routine.

By developing a daily routine, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. It allows for blocking out times during the day to get the things done that need to be done.

Therefore, as the day goes on, you’re not scrambling to remember what still needs to be done.

Use a Planner


Planners are a great way to make sure nothing is forgotten. Such appointments, assignments or anything else of importance.

The two common ways of planning are typically paper and digital.

Using some form of paper monthly and weekly and sometimes daily calendars or using an app on a computer or phone to keep track of everything.

My personal favorite method for the longest time has been paper, including recently using a Bullet Journal. Although I’m starting to like the benefits of a digital calendar and syncing it with both my laptop and phone.

Plan Once a Week

Pick one day every week when you sit down and plan out the entire upcoming week.

I like to do this on Sundays. Sunday is the day that I’ve set in my schedule to not do any blogging work, although, it’s rare that I actually do nothing on Sundays.

The first thing I do is look for any appointments that my husband, myself or my kids may have the upcoming week and write those down, then anything else of importance. Next is things that we want to do, but is okay if we don’t.

Then it’s all laid out on a calendar for the week so I can easily know what I have to do each day of the upcoming week and can plan around it.

Keep Active


I’ve worked my exercise routine to be part of my morning routine. So I know that every single day, I get my exercise in. It can even be as simple as doing jumping jacks for 1 minute, if that’s all the time you have.

Some great benefits of being active are the increase of energy, the boost in mood and of course the self-confidence boost.

After having my son, I become really self-conscious and lazy. I started doing simple exercises and it made a huge difference on my attitude, my mood and my day. Also, it changed the way I saw and thought about myself.

Meal Plan

Meal planning is very simple, and allows the choice between healthy or non-healthy food.

Time and money are saved in the long run. All the ingredients needed for dinner will already be bought, so no last minute trips to the grocery store.

Food won’t be wasted because you can incorporate leftovers into the meal plan that was created for the week, or month.

Pick out a Weeks Worth of Outfits

This can be done at the same time as planning the schedule for the week.

Don’t do this only for yourself, do this for your kids as well.

Having outfits picked out in advance, makes getting dressed in the morning so much faster.

On days that I haven’t pre-thought about my outfit, I have spent up to an hour just trying to decide what to wear for the day, and then an hour that I could have been doing something productive has been wasted.

Get Enough Sleep


Honestly, I can say, that I never get enough sleep. I stay awake way later then I should every single night, and get up only a few hours later.

Not counting all the times that my son wakes up in between those hours.

I once read somewhere that getting enough sleep is more about the mindset, then about the actual amount of hours slept. For instance, by telling yourself you’ll feel rested before sleeping, even if you only slept for 3 hours. Chances are, you’ll wake up feeling rested.

Keep a Small Trashcan in your Car

By having a small trashcan in your car, it is much easier to toss the garbage thats occurred by the little kids you tote around all day into it instead of allowing it to pile up on the floor to be cleaned out a month later when you eventually have to have a non-family member in your car.

It avoids finding stinky moldy food that your toddlers have stashed, under seats, or clothes, or anything else that had been thrown on the floor boards.


Eliminate Distractions

This one can be difficult. Especially for moms who work from home with little kids running around all day. I’m constantly working, while listening for, watching or entertaining my children.

But, some other things can be done that won’t make much of an impact.

Such as, killing instant notifications for the apps on phones and computers. I’m constantly distracted by notifications. Once I turned those off, I was able to focus on the task at hand which has allowed me to get things done faster.

Use headphones. If there is no reason that headphones can’t be on to drown out the noise, then use them. Noise canceling headphones are a great way to focus on the task at hand.

Make a cleaning schedule and stick to it

cleaning schedule

But Brittani, didn’t you just write a post about how having a messy home is okay? Yes, I did, and you can read it here.

Although that may be true, and my house is literally in a constant state of chaos every single day of the week, basic cleaning still needs to be done.

Decide if Something is really necessary

This was something that took me a very long time to figure out. I would make to-do lists for the day that were very long, and if every single thing on that list wasn’t accomplished I would feel horrible.

Make the initial to-do list. Pick 3 things that have to be done for that day. Then, look over the other things on the list.

Do you really have to wash that load of laundry? No. Then push it off to the next day.

Pick your battles with your kids


We are currently potty training our 3 year old. Some days, she chooses to run around the house butt naked. If we don’t have guests coming over, then fighting her to wear underwear in pants just really isn’t worth it in my opinion.

Now, when we leave the house, that’s an entire different story.

Stop and think about what they’re wanting to do and where they’re wanting to do it. Then think about is it really going to make a difference to you. No? Then just let them be.


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  1. Those are the good tips to follow, nice one! But i ever done it before just work for a few months and after back to before cause of i had problem about to “stick on it”. Hope i could get back on the track for this

  2. I already do many of these things, but it is just the motivator I need as I go back to work in a few weeks! Life is going to get crazy busy and I am going to feel like I get nothing done!

  3. As a mom, we do a lot of multitasking jobs every day. From waking up the earliest and getting up late at night. Salute to all moms out there. Thanks for the tips you shared here. I also like the ” making a list the night before”. I usually do that, too.

    • Brittani Douglas

      I feel like if I don’t make a list the night before, then the next morning when i wake up I’m struggling to remember what needs to be done.

  4. Working from home with young kids and no family around to help it’s *sigh* tough. As for battles, well we currently had the “great” idea to get a cat, thinking our 3 year old son will be happy. Now I am constantly trying to separate them (he was scared of the cat to start with but now as he saw that the cat doesn’t scratch, he is grabbing him by his tail, legs etc)…..So my routine is ….like trying to get rid of the snow on your driveway during a snow storm….

    • Brittani Douglas

      My 1 year old is now pretty mobile, and very much enjoys getting into trouble with his sister. All day long I hear my daughter saying “Come on Tristan.” And I know it’s only a matter of time before they get into something, if I don’t find out what they’re up to.

    • Brittani Douglas

      I find routines make it easier to not only get through the day but it helps to be more productive as well.

  5. I love all of these tips! My favorite is deciding what’s really necessary. It’s such a freeing and empowering thing to decide that I don’t have to do certain things that other people try to convince me are mandatory. Years ago, I stopped folding underwear. I just toss it into a drawer. Does the drawer look neat and organized? No. Do I care? NOT EVEN A LITTLE. 🙂

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