1. Great list! I like how simple these things are and that they don’t require a ton of stuff! I’ve been using vinegar and newspaper to clean our windows and mirrors for years:) Works so well!

  2. Love all of your tricks and tips! My husband was wondering this morning the best way to clean grouts!!! So funny I read your post tonight. Thanks for sharing

    • You’re welcome! I’ve been wondering the same thing about grouts for years. I had just decided that it’s something that only gets cleaned when professional cleaners are called in.

  3. The silicone baking cups are such a good idea. I can’t tell you how gross my car is right now. I’m definitely going to get a pack of cups for my cup holders!

  4. I also don’t like to do the cleaning, not even when I’m upset 😅 so I appreciate ideas to make my life easier, I am especially interested in the rubbing alcohol tip, I shall try it! Thank you!

  5. Great tips! I didn’t know about several of them and definitely want to start doing the liners in the cup holders, that is my biggest pet peeve having those dirty 😛

  6. Not a mommy yet, but a homie. I will definitely try out your tips as cleaning is part of my well-being ritual somehow.
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  7. I really like the car ideas! I have a small car and things get tossed everywhere and EVERYONE is ALWAYS in my brand new car. It totally gets trashed… The cupcake holders… I NEED TO DO!

    • I usually make my muffins without any liners and just grease the tin really well (my kids like to try to eat the paper), but I never thought to use the silicone cupcake liners for actual baking haha

  8. Misty Nelson dawn

    These are all looks great and I love the colors of the silicone cup perfect for my muffins, Glad that you share this

  9. These tips are great but I especially love the car ideas! Yes that WOULD make a great trash can! Genius! And cupcake liners in the cup holders! They get so gross. Double genius!!

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