About Me

Hey! I’m Brittani, from Coffee Toddlers & Chaos.

I’m a Stay at Home Mom with two crazy adventurous, trouble making toddlers. Ashlynn and Tristan.

Coffee Toddlers & Chaos was created because I wanted to create an identity outside of Mom, and something for myself. As well as help other Stay at Home Moms stumble through this thing we call Parenting or Mommy hood. All things Parenting and Food related can be found here.

My original career plan was to go into the Criminal Justice field to study forensics and work at crime scenes, but from my first job outside of high school to having my own kids, my career background has been working with kids and Early Childhood Education.

From working with groups of high school students to help them prepare to college to working in daycares with infants through preschool years, I found that I really enjoy working with young children. Which led to me pursing a CDA degree in Early Childhood Education.

I started Coffee Toddlers & Chaos because I wanted to do something outside of being Mom, but as well as being able to continue a Stay at Home Mom to my little ones.

Our family will soon be making a huge move from Germany back to the States, and from my husband being Active Duty to National Guard so that he can go back to school to pursue a career outside of the Military. This was a big driving force in the decision to create Coffee Toddlers & Chaos.

To create a community of Moms and Parents who are also stumbling their way through this crazy thing called parenting, and finding a way to contribute support to our family financially while still being a stay at home, well now work at home mom to my kids.

Daddy Ashlynn Ashlynn Tristan Tristan

Some Fun Facts:

We have spent the last 4 years living in Germany while J has been stationed here. We haven’t done much traveling, but that’s okay because both of our children were born here.

I married J after a month and a half of knowing him, at 10 at night. With each of us only having one witness by our side. Friends and family found out the following day.

I didn’t know J’s first name for about the first month we were dating. (It’s kind of a long/interesting/husbands sometimes suck) story.

Greys Anatomy is my all time favorite show. I’ve probably watched the entire series about a million times, and could watch it another million times and never get tired of it.

What are some interesting facts about you?

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