• Brittani Douglas

      Yes this is really safe for a child. If a product wasn’t safe for a child for one, there is no way my I would ever allow my own child to use that product, and second, I would never write a review on that product recommending the product to other parents.

  1. This looks pretty neat, on the go for vacation without taking too much space or a nice day at the beach, park. Thank you for sharing this baby product.

  2. Gosh, if only I had something like this Go Pod product when my kids were babies I would have been made up. The fact that you can use it in any situation and any place is a Win Win for me. Great product!

    • Tristan loves it! He falls asleep in it more often then not after he’s tired himself out. And it keeps him in a safe sleeping position so I don’t have to try and get him out without waking him up.

  3. What?! This is just genius! Hubby and I are on the go a lot and lugging around big baby seats can be a real pain. This looks like a really practical solution to our problem. I haven’t clicked on the link yet so I hope it’s reasonably priced!

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