1. I have an Autistic Daughter, she really struggling potty training. We start a token board. It is working better. First day potty get token and price. 80% success right tow tokens, second token a prize. 80% 3 tokens third token prize. Just strart seems to be working. We will see. These are some great tips though!

  2. Sticker rewards chart worked well for us! And some great advice that I was given was if your toddler doesn’t really catch on after a week or so then take a minimum of a two week break and reset. Thanks for sharing your tips!

  3. Claudia Krusch

    Consistency is key to potty training success. Patience is definitely needed. I liked to put cheerios in the toilet for my Son to use as targets.

  4. We tried so many different of those things to get her to do it. It really just too a weekend of keeping at it and not leaving until she got it. And she did by the end of the weekend thankfully.

  5. Kiwi

    So many good tips! I think consistency is the major key, some parents kind of get lazy and frustrated but it has to be consistent so the toddler will know potty time is for the toilet.

  6. Another thing – use peer pressure. I don’t mean the negative kind, but if a child can see another child use the bathroom, they may follow suit. That’s what it took for my son.

    • Peer pressure is always a great way to get kids to do things. Like go to sleep. My 3 year old has learned the sentence “I can’t sleep.” So when I tell her Tristan is sleeping, she goes to sleep (usually).

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