1. That’s super interesting on the different types of eaters. Even as an adult I fall into a few of those categories. lol I put ketchup on everything but god forbid the maple syrup on my pancakes touches my eggs! Great post though!

  2. My middle child is a preferential eater all the way. I can’t even ask her to try because in her head she’s already convinced she does not like it.

  3. Great tips! We did Baby-led weaning with our daughter and found that very helpful. we also try to limit added sugar so that natural sweet foods like fruit and veggies are more appealing to her. Thanks for your insights! Super article!

  4. Great article, we try to give my daughter several choices, but sometimes I feel like she exist only off of berries, cheese, fruit, small single serving cups of vanilla ice cream, and occasionally, veggies, Mac n cheese, and turkey sausage. She doesn’t generally like meat, and sometimes eats cheese only, and claims that she is full!

  5. My son will be 17 and is still a picky eater. In fact, when he was a toddler, he would eat more things than he does now. He wont try anything new and he hates vegetables! Really, I have tried everything. It seems like a lost cause. Maybe one day he will grow out of it.

  6. I am in the middle of picky toddler life. I had horrible battles with my first two but I read something a few years ago that set me free. My job is to provide healthy food. Her job is to eat it. She doesn’t always do her job but she does good enough. For age two lol.

  7. Great tips. My 4 year old still has a complete meltdown if his food isn’t exactly what he wants. Needless to say, he’s gone hungry on occasion.

  8. Great tips thanks! My 4 year old had started to get fussy again, then we bought her those plates with sections. She loves having the protein in one part, carbs, and the carrot and cucumber sticks in the other (the seeds have to be cut out the cucumber obviously haha – she only likes the green part 🙄). x pocketsfullofdaisies.co.uk

  9. nice post! Love how you mentioned that kids know when they are hungry or full. This is always my biggest worry, will they tell me or not, are they going to starve lol
    Thank you for sharing a

  10. What can I say, nuggets, fries and pizza are also my top 3 choices 😀 I should really start to pay attention and learning about toddlers, we are expecting our first child and I can see myself battling with a picky eater very soon! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Claire

    Smart tips! When we were young, I was the “I-can-eat-everything” and my sister was the picky eater! haha. And I remember how my mom used to say my sister would eat same thing over and over again! LOL.

  12. Great tips! I feel a lot of parents struggle with picky eaters! But you just do need to let it happen until they are ready to move onto new foods! I babysat for a girl who had really sensitive taste buds, so she would only eat a handful of foods, so I knew what to pack her for lunch and what to make for dinner!

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